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JillsClickCorner Make Money Guide

JillsClickCorner Make Money Guide!

Learn how to earn cash and game tokens at JillsClickcorner.

At JillsClickCorner you can earn:

1. Cash -> Use to withdraw, exchange them for advertising/game tokens/amazon cards and more!
2. Game Tokens -> Use to play games, exchange to advertising/upgrade your account/amazon cards and more!

How to earn?
1. Paid To Click
2. Paid to Signup
3. Referrals
4. Contests
5. Playing Games

1. Paid to Click

-> At paid to click you can earn between 3 and 15 cent daily. The daily earnings depends on your country, upgraded memberships, your own activity (the more you be active, the more ads you get), and ofcourse our advertisers as they buy the ads! So remember: support the advertisers, then they come back for new ads so you can earn more!

To earn cash with our paid to click, please visit our paid to click page, in the members menu under "Paid to Click"
Direct link to our Paid To Click -> http://jillsclickcorner.com/members/clickPTC.php
At our paid to click page you see text and/or banner ads. Under the ad you see a note like "This ad is worth $0.001":this is the amount you will earn for clicking this ad!

How to earn!
1. Click on one of the ads at our paid to click area and a new page will opened!
2. On this new page you see at the top a message that says how long you need to visit the current page to earn the cash: just wait till you see a message "You have been credited $xxx" which means the money is added to your balance on JillsClickCorner so you are ready for the next ad. So just start at step 1 again.
Notice : Sometimes you get a security code to fill in -where you see the timer note- in that case fill in the right security code and the timer will start.

PS. You can win as well cash in our contest with the paid to click. Read more about this at step 4!

If you want to get more ads to click,  just upgrade your account and you get more ads daily automaticly: http://www.jillsclickcorner.com/members/upgrade.php

2. Paid to Signup

-> At the paid to Signup at JillsClickcorner you can earn unlimited cash as daily new offers will be added. The earnings per offer can go up to $250 which are in that case mostly paid offers, while free offers goes up to $5. The earnings depends on your country, you own activity (the more you active the more ads you see), and ofcourse our advertisers as they buy the ads! So remember support the advertisers, then they come back for new ads so you can earn more!

For the paid to signup we have 2 main sorts of offers.
1. Automatic Credits offers -> These offers doesn't have a place to fill in your info and only give you buttons "ignore"(if you not want to see the offer anymore) and "report" to use to report non working offers. The automatic offers most of the time will be credited within just a couple of minutes, while some of them will be done daily or weekly, but all automatic! So to complete these offers just join the offer, wait and you will be credited!
2. Manual Credit offers -> At the manual offers you have 1 or 2 things to fill in
a. Login ID: This is usually a username, e-mail or a login identification number.
b. Paste E-mail: Please paste the welcome e-mail you received when signing up for this offer, please remove your password if it's included.

How to earn with the paid to Signup!
1. Visit our Paid to Signup area in the menu, find as -> "Paid to Signup"
Direct Link to our Paid To Signup -> http://jillsclickcorner.com/members/signupPTS.php
2. Watch the offers on the pages and see what you can earn per offer and what you have to do to complete the offer. (99% of the offers is free to join)
3. Click on the banner or text at the offer, then a new page will be opened (the website from the offer).
4. Register on the website and complete your registration.
5. Wait for the email that says you are a member of the new program you just joined.
6. Paste the email and other required info in the box under the offer you just have joined, and click"submit this signup". After this we will check the signup and your account will be credited with the earnings!
7. Go back to step 2 and join the next offer. And be sure to support the advertisers so they come back for new ads!
8. Please notice: you can claim a site only once, also if it appears more times on our site!
PS. You can win as well cash in our contest with the paid to signup. Read more about this at step 4!

3. Referrals

-> Making referrals is really the best and easiest way to earn at JillsClickcorner. A referral is a person that joins under you at JillsClickCorner: if this member earn cash at the "paid to click" or "paid to signup" you earn 10% of this cash as well. So if they earned $1, you get 10 cent. If they earn $100, you earn $10. These earnings will be credited to your account directly once the referral earn the cash. So the more referrals you make and the more they earn, the more referral earnings you make, the more cash you earn! There is no maximum of referral earnings you can earn, the more referrals you have and the more active they are, ofcourse the more you earn.

How to make referrals!
First of all to make referrals, you will need your referral link, if someone joins via your referral URL they will be automaticly placed in your downline. To find your referral links and banners -> http://jillsclickcorner.com/members/refer.php
1. The easiest way to make referrals is refer your friends, family, neighbours and anyone you know. Just make a list of them and think about who want to make easy money online at jillsclickcorner just like you do. (I think everyone love this LOL). Then contact the people on this list about this program and remember to give them your referral link: if they then want to join they will use your referral link, they join automaticly under you. And if you explain them direct how to earn as well they will for sure direct start earning as well, you direct start making referral cash! But remember: PC and IP needs to be unique so be sure you or your referral is the only one who will use this! When you want to refer someone like your neighbour, send him/here from your OWN computer your referral link and then let him/here join via their own computer as well.
2. To find more info about how to make referrals -> http://jillsclickcorner.com/howmakerefs.php

PS. You can win as well cash in our contest with making referrals. Read more about this at step 4!

4. Contests

With our contests you can win big cashmonthly. Each month we give away between $200 and $500 on cash prices just with the contests!

-> On JillsClickCorner we always have running 3 different sorts of contests, all with their own prices.

1. Paid to Click Contest -> Each month 2 new contests (one for our USA members and one for NON USA members). The contests will be different each month and will have different ways to win, prices and winners. Read all about the current contests -> http://jillsclickcorner.com/contests/ptc.php
2. Paid To Signup Contest -> Each month we have 50 winners in our Paid To Signup contest, just earn the most cash in any month to win one of the 50 prizes. On our monthly paid to signup contest you can win up to 100% bonus at your month earnings. So if you earn $100 you just get $100 bonus if you are the winner! Aslo we often have different sorts of contests with different prizes to win.
Read all about the current Paid to Signup Contest -> http://jillsclickcorner.com/contests/pts.php

3. Referral Contest -> Each month there is $100+ to win in our Referral contest. The requirement to win the referral contest can be different each month, like refer the most members, refer the most members doing signup offers, refer the most members from a certain country etc. With this we give everyone a good change to win our contests. Read all about the current Referral Contest -> http://jillsclickcorner.com/contests/ref.php

5. Playing Games

Playing games is another great way to earn cash and game tokens at JillsClickCorner. You can play our games using your game tokens, so the more game tokens you have the more games you can play the higher your changes to win. At this moment we offer 3 games at JillsClickCorner.
1. JillsClickCorner Slot -> Start playing in our slot and win our jackpot from up to 1500 Game tokens!
Start Playing JillsClickCorner Slot -> http://www.jillsclickcorner.com/games/view.php?id=2
2. JillsClickCorner Spin the Wheel -> Spin the wheel and win 10 cent cash or any of the other prizes or have "bad luck" and win nothing.
Start playing Spin the Wheel -> http://www.jillsclickcorner.com/games/view.php?id=1


A great way to earn more cash at JillsClickCorner is to upgrade your account. As upgraded member you will receive more PTC ads to click daily, so you daily earn more cash! As well you receive randomly referrals in your downline, together with the other upgraded members and ofcourse these referrals can make then as well money for you. The higher the upgrade, the more randomly referrals you can receive, so the more you can earn!
Read all our upgraded memberships and Upgrade today -> http://www.jillsclickcorner.com/members/upgrade.php

These are the 6 ways to earn cash at JillsClickCorner so as JillsClickCorner team we wish you a lot of Happy Earnings!

And remember: if you have a question or suggestion, just send us a support ticket -> http://jillsclickcorner.com/members/ticket.php

JillsClickCorner 2006